In November 2018, we partnered with Frosted Lens Entertainment and Poorductions to create a short film shot right here in the Capital Region! This film came to be known as “Broken Lilies” after being adapted by Paige Zubel from her original stage play “In Full Bloom.”

BROKEN LILIES is the story of a young couple grappling with an upcoming event that could strengthen their relationship or destroy it. Its main conflict involves a delicate subject matter that’s hardly ever discussed or seen, but could happen to anyone. The mystery leading up to this reveal as well as the reveal itself is partly what makes this story so compelling, but the heart of the story is truly the struggle of balancing love and grief.

Short Film Broken Lilies Albany   Short Film Broken Lilies Albany   Short Film Broken Lilies Albany

Producer and lead actor, Ben Katagiri, first pitched the project to us in the summer of 2018 after discovering Paige’s stage play at Capital Repertory Theatre’s 2017 NEXT ACT! New Play Summit. After a few rewrites and development meetings, our creative director Chantalle Todd was set to direct the short film with the help of a small, local, and dedicated crew.

Short Film Broken Lilies Albany   Short Film Broken Lilies Albany   Short Film Broken Lilies Albany

Filming began the same weekend as the first major snowstorm of November 2018. Over a period of two (very long) days, all of the scenes were captured across multiple locations in Delmar, NY. Editing took place throughout the winter and the film was officially finished in the spring—just in time to premiere at Capital Repertory Theatre’s 2019 NEXT ACT! New Play Summit. Talk about coming full circle!

Short Film Broken Lilies Albany Short Film Broken Lilies Albany Short Film Broken Lilies Albany

BROKEN LILIES is currently going through the festival circuit and has also been entered into competitions. So far it’s won an Award of Merit in two categories at the BEST SHORTS COMPETITION and been accepted into the PASADENA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, FORT MYERS BEACH FILM FESTIVAL, and the ALBANY FILM FESTIVAL. We are very proud of this short film and are excited to bring it to more audiences so stay tuned for more information on when and where you can see it! You can watch a little teaser trailer for it here.

In the meantime, we are in development of our next short film project. Be sure to follow us along with Frosted Lens Entertainment for updates as that gets going into production!