A video isn’t just a video when there’s a whole range of types and styles to choose from. This month we’re taking a look at some of the more popular types of video that our clients request and the creative purposes they’ve served.

  1. Interview-Narrative Video

Probably the most frequent type of video that we do; an Interview-Narrative Video is when we interview anywhere from 1-10+ people with a series of questions related to the goal of the video’s messaging and piece a story together from the answers. These projects usually require a solid outline and do best when the interviewees are articulate and/or charismatic. Some creative uses for this type of video have been showcasing a corporate culture, building emotion around a capital campaign, and revealing the behind-the-scenes or history of an organization.

  1. Scripted-Narrative Video

A Scripted-Narrative Video is recommended for any video that’s under 2-minutes and has a lot of information to convey. The client either comes prepared with a script or we work with them to create it. From there we figure out what should visually be on screen. B-roll footage? A talking interview head? Motion graphics? Stock footage? Either a voice actor is hired to do the narration or our clients can be filmed reading off a teleprompter. This type of video is popular for general explainer videos, TV ads, tutorials, or presentations—anything that has very specific verbiage or messaging that needs to come across.

  1. Scripted-Skit Video

These videos are usually for entertainment purposes first, educational purposes second and most commonly seen in TV and web advertisements. Some examples include Geico’s “15% or more” campaign videos or the Old Spice commercials. The production value on these videos can range but usually many elements such as professional actors, locations, wardrobe, makeup, extras, additional equipment, crew, rehearsals, and set design (depending on scope of the project) need to be taken into account and can make these videos quite costly to produce. Even so, we’ve worked with our clients to produce effective budget friendly skit videos, which have been creatively used for corporate training and to illustrate the offerings of the organizations.

  1. Explainer Video

Another very popular video (especially for web use), the Explainer Video is the video of choice if our clients have very broad messaging they’d like to capture in 3-minutes or less and/or have a need for an ‘about us’ type video on their website and social media outlets. It can also serve as a branding piece. Explainer videos can range from being fully scripted to using organic interviews for the narrative, or a combination of both. Our clients have used Explainer Videos to promote their business, talk about the history of their business, or simply explain their services. The visual element can range from being just footage (b-roll) cut to voice-over and music or also incorporate interviewees speaking.

  1. Presentation Video

Some clients invite us in to simply document a presentation or a show. In these instances, we usually set up 2-3 stationary cameras and let them roll throughout the entire event and then cut everything into one video. Clients have used these types of videos to record stage plays for school archives, capture presentations with visiting speakers, and document tutorials to be shared with their off-site members/the internet.

  1. Screen-Recorded Demo Videos

Many of our clients have virtual services offered on websites and apps, and the learning curve to use them can sometimes be off-putting to their customers. Screen-recorded demo videos are a great option to let customers view how to use a virtual service. The videos take them through all the same screens they’ll be working with and we also edit in tips or steps to advise them throughout the process.

  1. Branding Video

Branding videos can be some of the most creative and free-form videos we do. These videos strive to set a tone or create a feeling associated with the client’s business. They can be in the same family as explainer videos, but some branding videos have no narration at all and are simply b-roll footage cut to upbeat and fitting music. We usually will spend a few days capturing footage of our client’s business, sometimes staging shots but mostly just documenting, and piece everything together from there. These videos are great for social media and can easily be cut down to smaller spots.

  1. Animated Videos

Animated videos are a fun way to add some creativity to any organization. We work with our clients to come up with an audio/visual script and the style of animation and go from there, sharing progress updates as production goes on. Generally, 1 to 3-minutes of animation takes about 4-6 weeks to complete so these animations can sometimes take longer to produce than other offerings. Industries that have utilized our animated videos have included payroll companies, insurance agencies, and domestic welfare organizations. They can help enliven commonplace messaging and also be a great alternative for organizations looking for simplified ways to illustrate complex issues and resolutions.