Video Production

Video Production

Whatever your video needs or budget, RPR can develop a video production that will be the answer. We use the same skills and knowledge set that allows us to produce theatrical films and apply them to our organizational media productions. This means regardless of the type of video or its purpose, the identified story will be told and the video and sound will be of the highest quality.


Have an idea or message you want to deliver but don’t know how to turn that into a script. RPR can do that for you. Through a give and take process we will turn your ideas into a shooting script and storyboard. We will develop the look and feel of the piece so that your message is conveyed. Once you are happy with the plans, we will move on to pre-production.


Whether we’ve done the creative development or your agency has, RPR will put your script into pre-production to ensure the production process is optimally efficient. Steps we will go through include shot listing, location scouting, casting and budgeting.


Productions can be in a studio or at a location. We have the equipment and crew to handle production internally. For big projects or productions outside of the Northeastern U.S., we have contractors and affiliates that work under our direction. We shoot efficiently and take pride in meeting deadlines.