Post Production

Post Production

RPR has complete Post-Production capabilities. We have editors on staff, can color correct, provide sound mixes, and have original music composed and recorded. Post-Production services can be included as part of a video production produced in its entirety by RPR or can be contracted separately.


RPR has two full service editing bays with the latest in editing software. We have our own editors, which allows us to accelerate the delivery of rough cuts, easily implement changes from the client, and create the full range of motion graphics and special effects.


Getting the picture right is critical to providing a professionally produced video that reflects the professional image for which every organization strives. Included in our editing capability is the ability to color correct any video that is produced.


Sound is one of those areas where if the quality is lacking individuals will quickly turn away from the video. RPR has full sound mixing capabilities. This includes the capability to produce mono, stereo, and surround mixes. We can also clean up tracks where the original recording was faulty.


Music is an area often overlooked in organizational videos.  Most production studios will download licensable tracks of pre-recorded music and fit those tracks as best they can to the images shot.  Often this causes the emotion of the production to be compromised, as the music doesn’t perfectly match the video message.  RPR can license music, but we also have a composer who can compose original scores that perfectly match the message, structure, and tone of the video to maximize its emotional impact.  This is particularly important in any video that is asking the viewer to take action.


The Kitty Tango

An original song written and produced by RPR Studios


The Albany Academies Campaign

An example of an instrumental composition